Hearing Loss Options

It is important to us that you not only understand your hearing impairment but  also  your hearing solutions. Through our comprehensive tests we’ll determine which treatments are best for you.


Hearing Aids
Hearing aids come in a variety of designs and with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual’s specific needs. The most basic components include a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and in the case of digital hearing systems, a small computer. The unprecedented effectiveness of modern digital systems comes from a powerful combination of professional expertise, software and hardware. We offer a 75 day trial period to ensure your hearing aid is effective in the variety of situations you face.To learn more about hearing aid styles and options click here. If you have questions about the style that will best suit your life style please give us a call or request an appointment.


Surgery & Implants
Devices surgically inserted into the ear improve hearing, facilitate lip-reading, and make it easier to distinguish certain sounds. These are typically most helpful to deaf or profoundly hearing impaired people who cannot use hearing aids. Professional Hearing Services does not perform surgery or implants for our patients but can help diagnose if this may be a good option for you.


Assistive Listening Devices
These products offer specialized technology to help with all degrees of hearing loss. These devices can facilitate improved face-to-face communication, reception of electronic media, telephone reception and reception of important warning sounds and situations. We offer a number of assistive listening devicesand can help you understand which option(s) will improve your quality of life.


Hearing Protection Devices
We offer a wide range of standard and custom protection for your hearing. We have custom ear plugs including IPod head phones, swim plugs, musician ear plugs and racing receivers.