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Professional Hearing Services

Hearing loss treatment for all ages, from children to adults.

Providing hearing healthcare

to people of all ages,

including children.

Audiologists in Watertown

Improving quality of life

through hearing loss solutions.


Make sure you never

miss another "I love you."

How we will continue to serve you during COVID-19:

We are OPEN for business and your safety is our top priority! We are rescheduling routine hearing aid checks and are operating at a reduced patient schedule to allow for proper social distancing and additional time to disinfect. We continue to offer entryway drop off and pick up service for hearing aid clean and checks during our normal hours. We have also installed a secure drop box outside to drop off your hearing aids or payments. Please call our office for more information! We cannot wait to see you again!

Hearing professionals dedicated to improving your quality of life.

Professional Hearing Services been providing hearing healthcare to people of all ages, including children, for more than 30 years. As a patient, you’ll receive a thorough hearing test evaluation, in a sound-proof booth by an audiologist. Your tests will help us determine the possible causes of your condition. Our Doctors of Audiology discuss the available solutions and ensure you understand the benefits of each option, then our dedicated financial coordinator explains the expenses, factoring your insurance coverage.

Our service doesn’t stop there. Hearing aids must be properly fit to be effective – we’ll ensure that your hearing aids are properly fit and test them in electronically simulated environments to maker sure they work perfectly. And we offer a 75 day trail period to make sure we got it right. We also offer treatment options for those who suffer from ringing in the ears or a loss of balance.

If your hearing loss is impacting your quality of life, please give Professional Hearing Services a call. Our audiologists Dr. Todd Decker and Dr. Angela Seuser serve Watertown, Milbank and the surrounding communities.

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Inspirational Success Stories

"I've worn hearing aids for 30 years. The technology I found in his [Professional Hearing Service's] studio just amazed me because I had never seen anything like that before. And the professionalism - everyone was always so eager to help. It's hard to explain - it was just such a comfortable feeling. It was like, this is it! I'm going to be helped! They took the time here at Professional Hearing Services. "

—Shirley Bachman, Watertown

"They're not selling hearing aids….they're taking care of hearing problems. If you need a hearing aid they will get you to the right one. If a hearing aid isn’t going to do you any good, they’ll tell you that. There are many people who are just selling hearing aids…they don’t have the audiology background that these people do."

—Dr. John Stransky, Watertown

“They’ve always treated me right, and the price is always good. They are always friendly and they know me. I wear them from the time I wake up ‘til I go to bed. They make a very large, very good impact on my life everyday.”

—Dustin Brownell, Watertown

"My experience with Professional Hearing Services has always been great. Dr. Decker is very gracious with his patients. He impressed me so much - he has always been extra kind."

—Sister Stella, Milbank

"I'm hearing things I wasn't hearing before. If you're not hearing it you don't know what you're missing. They know what they're doing at Professional Hearing Services, I can tell you that."

—Jim Mahowald, Watertown

"One day at bible study I realized I couldn't hear anything the person next to me was saying, so I decided to do something about it. My hearing aids from Professional Hearing Services work like a charm! It's wonderful to be able to hear again."

—Cliff Vitters, Milbank

“I never hesitate sending my patient to Professional Hearing Services. I know from experience Dr. Todd Decker and his staff will take the best care of my patients and will do anything they can to resolve their hearing issues.”

—Dr. Jon McAreavey, Watertown

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