What to Expect in your visit with Professional Hearing Services

Professional Hearing StaffUpon your arrival you’ll find a warm, inviting atmosphere. Your hearing aids can wirelessly receive the television audio through a loop and you’ll be invited to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a warm cookie.

We are dedicated to diagnosing you properly, whether your condition calls for medical treatment or a hearing device. We’ll educate you about your condition and options. We use Video Otoscopy to show you your ear canal and ear drum on a state-of-the-art monitor, giving you a better picture of why you’re experiencing hearing loss. We know that the more you understand the easier it is to make decisions to improve your hearing.

During your audiology evaluation we assess your communication needs through a hearing test as well as speech and noise testing, which identifies your unique communication ability in both quiet environments and noisy environments. Following your audiology evaluation, we’ll discuss your hearing improvement options, which may include hearing aids , surgery, implants or assistive listening devices. We’ll help you understand the benefits of your options and our finance coordinator will be happy to answer any insurance questions and explain your finance options.

We are dedicated to the process of improving hearing, not just fitting a device. Our licensed audiologist, Dr. Todd Decker has more than 20 years of hearing healthcare experience and every member of our staff offers care that is compassionate and knowledgeable.

We would appreciate the opportunity to improve the quality of your life through advanced hearing technology. If you live in Watertown, SD , Milbank, SD or the surrounding areas, please give Professional Hearing Services a call or request an appointment.