Success Stories



I’ve worn hearing aids for 30 years. The technology I found in his [Professional Hearing Service’s] studio just amazed me because I had never seen anything like that before.  And the professionalism – everyone was always so eager to help.  It’s hard to explain – it was just such a comfortable feeling.  It was like “this is it! I’m going to be helped!”  They took the time here at Professional Hearing Services.

– Shirley Bachman, Watertown



I started working with Professional Hearing Services quite a few years ago and they’ve always been very friendly and good to work with. I was fit with the latest technology in hearing aids and I can’t believe the quality! It’s just awesome! They really know their stuff. They’ll bend over backwards for you.

– D.S., Vienna, SD

What a gift it is to be able to hear! We should savor and enjoy that gift. We should be grateful and thankful for it. When hearing becomes impaired or diminished, we need help. How blessed we are to have access to such help. Blessed even more when those who help us are compassionate, well-trained and possess the expertise to assess our needs and help us to hear better. We should be grateful and thankful. So thanks Professional Hearing Services.

– J.S., MD



I’m hearing things I wasn’t hearing before. If you’re not hearing it you don’t know what you’re missing.  They know what they’re doing at Professional Hearing Services, I can tell you that.

Jim Mahowald, Watertown

I’m tickled to death with Professional Hearing Services. Todd doesn’t get frustrated – he just keeps plugging until he fixes the problem. I wasn’t even using my hearing aids when I came to Professional Hearing Services, but Todd reprogrammed my existing hearing aids and it’s really improved my quality of life. Professional Hearing Services – Eve, Barb, Todd – they’re all just great. They want to get it done right. Their state of the art facility and ability to deal with the latest electronic wizardry that is incorporated into virtually every brand of hearing aid today is what makes Professional Hearing Services so valuable to me. Hearing aids are very expensive and it is very frustrating if they don’t work as advertised. Todd’s attitude and his facility, those are things worth talking about!

– L.L. Watertown, SD



My experience with Professional Hearing Services has always been great. Dr. Decker is very gracious with his patients.  He impressed me so much – he has always been extra kind.

Sister Stella, Milbank

They were very friendly as soon as I walked through the door. Todd was very professional, he made me feel at ease. I was worried about having hearing aids, but he showed me the Zon. It’s so small, you can’t even see it! Now I don’t have to ask for everything to be repeated. It’s just wonderful! And I’ve been noticing little things I didn’t even know I was missing – like the sound of my coat shuffling as I put it on. I am very satisfied with Professional Hearing Services.

– C.B., Watertown, SD



One day at bible study I realized I couldn’t hear anything the person next to me was saying, so I decided to do something about it. My hearing aids from Professional Hearing Services work like a charm! It’s wonderful to be able to hear again.

– Cliff Vitters, Milbank

It was a very difficult decision for me to make that initial appointment because I didn’t want to admit that I needed hearing aids. I was thoroughly evaluated by caring individuals who were understanding and sympathetic to my needs. Overall, I can say that going to Professional Hearing Services was one of the best decisions that I have made for myself, my family and my career.

– T.F.

About 4 years ago I knew I needed to get my hearing tested. The hospital in Clear Lake referred me to Professional Hearing Services and I set an appointment with Todd. The tests showed my hearing was okay in 1 ear, but not the other. I decided to wait to get any type of hearing device. Just this past Spring, I noticed the quality of my hearing had really diminished, so I went back to Professional Hearing Services. I worked with Todd and we found a hearing aid that worked for me. I needed help, and Professional Hearing Services provided it. I’m very pleased. My Zon has definitely improved the quality of my hearing.

– M.O., Clear Lake, SD